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A report by the Resolution Foundation has revealed that a record 5.2 million workers in the UK are currently classed as being in low paid jobs (earning less than 2/3 medium pay –... more »
GMB members working in councils and schools who are covered by NJC Green Book or JNC Red Book conditions will shortly be asked to vote on the new pay proposals, the details of... more »
GMB members, activists and Officers from North West & Irish region joined almost 100,000 people marching in London and Belfast on Saturday in a ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’... more »
It's fair to say that this week we saw the biggest NHS protest in 66 years and the first walkout by many in 32 years. Thank you for making the four hour strike a success. GMB... more »
Justice for all
GMB North West & Irish region recently hosted a ‘Campaigns for Justice’ conference at John Moores University in Liverpool.  This event, the first of its kind in the UK,... more »
GMB North West & Irish region will be holding our 14th Women’s Conference this week at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool.   Guest speakers will include, amongst others, Dr Phoebe Abe (who will talk about female genital mutilation), Jill Maslitt (McMillan Nurses) and Aileen Alexander from Barnados.   The conference will be attended by activists from right across the region and will highlight a number of current topics and issues in the workplace, the home and in wider communities affecting women... more »

GMB is asking workers earning less than £10 an hour to tell us what life is like on these wages.

Whilst research has been done by churches and charities to determine what a living wage might be, GMB believes that this still falls short of what it really costs to live in Britain today.

GMB wants to make sure politicians and journalists know what it's like to try to live on low pay and short hours. We will use the information from the survey to campaign for a higher minimum wage and the right to choose the working hours we need to live on.

This link will direct you to the GMB survey ‘Life on the Living Wage’; if you have 5 minutes, please fill it out.

GMB will have the survey and will publish our findings on our websites and Facebook regularly, so keep your eye out for updates.

Importantly this is your opportunity to tell your story of what life is like on a low wage.

CLICK HERE to take part in our survey


GMB e-petition


The NHS was founded in times of great austerity following the second world war, times were really tough, disease was rife and the national debt was massive as we had to rebuild parts of Britain.

65 years later, despite David Cameron's election pledge that the NHS was safe in his hands, we are seeing the fragmentation and piece by piece privatisation of OUR NHS.

The NHS is struggling under the austerity cuts imposed by this un-elected coalition, Cameron wants it to fail to make privatisation seem like the only answer, it is not the answer and we are asking everybody to make their voices heard. It is our NHS, paid for through our taxes, for the treatment of ourselves and our families. No private company should be allowed to profit from it. Please sign our petition and forward the link to your friends, family and work colleagues.

"It will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it"


Register your support for our e-petition here and Keep Private Companies Out of Our NHS

Free Legal Services

GMB Trade Union members have access to FREE legal assistance from our trade union solicitors and has years of experience in successfully recovering compensation for our union members.

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credit union

Our region has been working closely with Thorne Credit Union to put together something for our members, to help through these time of austerlty. packs and leaflets are being distributed, full details to follow here soon...

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What Our Members Think

We are one of the leading Trade Unions in the UK . As we are a service lead organisation and helping people is what we do, it is really important what our members think of us.

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