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    Our region enjoys the specialist legal support of our dedicated solicitors, UNIONLINE.

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GMB is pleased to announce the launch of the first Trade Union owned law firm in the country: Unionline.  GMB has partnered with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) to create a... more »
GMB ‘Campaigns For Justice’ Conference Friday 5th & Saturday 6th September 2014 John Moores University Liverpool There will be speakers from the different campaigns for... more »
Help keep your voice loud and clear with a cross in the "Yes" box Every 10 years, by law GMB has to ask whether we should have a 'political fund'.  Your ballot paper to take part... more »
Last year, a majority of new contracts to provide NHS services went to private companies. Most of these private companies hide behind the NHS logo but siphon off a profit.... more »
On Monday, just as we were penning a response to their “special bulletin”, the management asked the GMB to attend a meeting in an effort to avert our planned industrial action. We... more »
As part of your job, there may be many times when you feel you need Legal Advice and these services are available as part of your GMB membership package   Employment Claims: Advice regarding employment claims, for example: equal pay, redundancy, transfer of undertaking, unfair dismissal and whistle blowing.   Personal Injury Claims: Help and assistance on your legal rights covering motor accidents and injuries suffered as a result of accidents.  You will receive 100% of any... more »

July Survey - Public Sector Wage

Zero Hour contracts is designed by the Government to manipulate the employment figures to look much better than they are.

GMB e-petition


The NHS was founded in times of great austerity following the second world war, times were really tough, disease was rife and the national debt was massive as we had to rebuild parts of Britain.

65 years later, despite David Cameron's election pledge that the NHS was safe in his hands, we are seeing the fragmentation and piece by piece privatisation of OUR NHS.

The NHS is struggling under the austerity cuts imposed by this un-elected coalition, Cameron wants it to fail to make privatisation seem like the only answer, it is not the answer and we are asking everybody to make their voices heard. It is our NHS, paid for through our taxes, for the treatment of ourselves and our families. No private company should be allowed to profit from it. Please sign our petition and forward the link to your friends, family and work colleagues.

"It will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it"


Register your support for our e-petition here and Keep Private Companies Out of Our NHS

Free Legal Services

GMB Trade Union members have access to FREE legal assistance from our trade union solicitors and has years of experience in successfully recovering compensation for our union members.

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credit union

Our region has been working closely with Thorne Credit Union to put together something for our members, to help through these time of austerlty. packs and leaflets are being distributed, full details to follow here soon...

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What Our Members Think

We are one of the leading Trade Unions in the UK . As we are a service lead organisation and helping people is what we do, it is really important what our members think of us.

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